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01About us

We welcome visitors on the official website of BitcoinReal Limited! We are an ambitious team, which consists of young specialists in IT sphere and computer engineering. Today we offer you stable and extremely long-term cooperation, the result of which will certainly be the rapid growth for us and guaranteed profits for you. At the heart of our proposal is attracting investments for the organization and development process of crypto mining, the most popular and modern type of earnings that we are offering.

Our technical capacities allow to conduct mining process around the clock, and the excellent geographical location of our two data centers is beneficial to the cost of mining.

Experts of BitcoinReal Limited firmly believe in the prospects of cryptocurrency.
We are able to analyze the market and draw the necessary conclusions on
the basis of changes in the field of digital money:
new approaches and algorithms of mining, fluctuations in the price chart,
as well as new applying of Bitcoin and its derivatives types - forks and

  • invested8153.00usd
  • paid out392.00usd
  • Total users43
  • Users on-line1

02“BitcoinReal Limited is:

  • We started more than 50
    "start-ups" which proved
    its right to life

  • Real production sectors
    with our help more than
    200 millions dollars
    were attracted

  • We became organizers of 6
    largest thematic exhibitions
    during which was obtained
    invaluable contacts with
    representatives of the European
    countries, and also Australia
    and the states of
    the Middle East were come


Your deposit:
  • Daily profit: 2.18USD
  • Total return: 10.9USD

  • 109% for 5 days
    min. deposit: 10USD
    max. deposit: 555USD
    accrual after 5 days
  • 150% for 30 days
    min. deposit: 10USD
    max. deposit: 55555USD
    accrual every day for 5%
  • 130% for 15 days
    min. deposit: 55USD
    max. deposit: 5555USD
    accrual every 5 days

06we accept:

Air launch of the BTR currency. "Coming soon"

07Referral system

  • 10% from profit I plan
  • 10% from deposit II-III plan